Demo 1

Stages of "At the Moment"

1. In this stage the drawing is transferred to the panel and the object that I want to be the focal point is begun. Paint is mixed and applied in small sections at a time with a “wet into wet” technique.

2. Next, large areas of color are put down to define the general hue and value and also to provide a good surface for the next layer of paint. In the image to the right the statue in the center has two layers of paint while the rest of the painting has one.

3. The form is more fully defined using mainly direct painting though in a few of the smaller objects some glazing has begun. Shadows are put in and everything is starting to come together though the painting still lacks vitality.

4. I like to call this stage “turning on the lights”. Many thin layers of paint are applied over the dry painting until I achieve the degree of realism that I want. Final highlights and textures are placed, as well as smaller objects (the pearl and metal chopstick) that would’ve been difficult to paint around earlier. Some small drawing mistakes are corrected (note the profile of the statue) and I touch up anything else that bothers me. To finish a painting I usually sign it one or two sessions in advance to get myself mentally ready to “let it be”. Then I put it away for a few days. When I get it out again if I can’t find anything to change it is done.

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